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Star wars day, may 4, celebrates george lucas's star wars media franchise.Observance of the commemorative day spread quickly through media and grassroots celebrations.The date was chosen for the pun on the catchphrase may the force be with you as may the fourth be with you.Celebrate may the 4th with a bounty of deals on star wars video games and virtual reality titles.May the pancakes be with you.
Cook up this dianoga dish for a monstrous meal.A new hope creature, from death star to table.and perfect for halloween.May the 4th be with you, in reference to the popular phrase in star wars:May the force be with you. since 2013, disney parks have celebrated the holiday with several star wars events and festivities.The walt disney company had purchased lucasfilm including the rights to star.
Its synonymous to may the force be with you, which is said in star wars a lot.Yayy may 4 finally's here, happy star wars day!!!Yes my jedi friend, may the fourth be with you.The fourth day in the month of may became star wars day thanks to a clever pun invented by fans.It is said that may the fourth be with you was first used when margaret thatcher won the election and became britain's first woman prime minister.
The force will be with you … always.A jedi gains power through understanding and a sith gains understanding through power.Good characters may say may the force be with you on parting as an expression of goodwill, à la some religious farewells like godspeed or peace be an early use of the may the fourth date pun is popularly said to come in 1979.After british prime minister margaret thatcher was first elected, fellow.Happy may 4th from the team at the empire strips back!
Our landspeeder got real dirty recently, so we sent our luke and r2 to go clean it up, and someone just…May the force be with you is a famous quote said by numerous characters as an expression of good luck throughout the star wars film series.Since making its first appearance in star wars:You might be hearing this a lot today:#doctor who #fourth doctor #may the 4th be with you.
May the force be with you has been part of the global lexicon since '77.See more of may the fourth be with you on facebook.Saturday marks the annual may the fourth be with you day, and there's no shortage of fun, themed events around town.And this year's celebration comes just the force is definitely with the new york public library, as several branches around the city go all in for may 4th.Check your local branch for.
May the 4th be with you:29 star wars day sales, deals and freebies.What's your favorite funny moment in the star wars films?There are a few minor chuckles.Some titles are marked down as much as 80%.
Here are some of the.It looks like you're using artstation from europe.The main date of the day of star wars is considered to be may 4.The date was chosen because of the often heard in the film and the famous quote may the force be with you (may the force be with you), which many fans play.Blend of may the fourth +‎ may the force be with you.
May the fourth be with you.(fandom slang) happy star wars day.May the 4th be with you.May the 4th be with you.May the fourth be with you.
May the fourth be with you.May the fourth be with you.May the force be with you.The group continues to wear their costumes on thursdays, during the clap for key workers event, to show their support for the nhs.