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Star wars day, may 4, celebrates george lucas's star wars media franchise.Observance of the commemorative day spread quickly through media and grassroots celebrations.The date was chosen for the pun on the catchphrase may the force be with you as may the fourth be with you.Celebrate fandom on star wars day, the official star wars holiday, with news, videos, blogs, crafts, recipes and more.May the fourth be with you!
May the fourth be with you [darth vader rap].This week, willie gives a shoutout to tunde, jeannie and abbey with service dogs jacob, baldy and charlie at veterans moving forward headquarters in virginia;Glenn and patti in california;Marie and her horse dublin in south carolina;Laura and her now playing:
May the 4th be with you!May the fourth (be with you) is the annual celebration for star wars fans to get involved with the franchise from a galaxy far far away.The 10 best star wars original trilogy battles, ranked.Of course, this year may be a little different for fans, who are looking to celebrate may the.The franchise was launched back in 1977 with star wars:
Its synonymous to may the force be with you, which is said in star wars a lot.The official phrase of star wars day (also known as jedi day) which is on may 4th.Grab your lightsabers, breathe like darth vader and pretend to open doors with your mind, because star wars day is here!Yes, may the 4th (be with the final episode ever will appear 4 may and we'll all be able to find out how this story ends for the likes of ahsoka, maul, and rex with maybe a.From lucille bluth to sportscenter to the pittsburgh 'porguins,' everyone is celebrating star wars day on this may the 4th.
Today is may 4, and mark hamill has previously prepared for the annual occasion on twitter to avoid getting inundated with mentions, but we know it's a trap!See more of may the 4th be with you on facebook.May 2, 2021, 9:37 pm.Willie geist wraps up sunday today by sharing mug shots sent in by viewers.This week, willie gives a shoutout to tunde, jeannie and abbey with service dogs jacob, baldy and charlie at veterans moving forward headquarters in virginia;
Glenn and patti in california;The first reference to may 4th and star wars occurred on may 4th, 1979.Margaret thatcher became prime minister of the uk that day and her party congratulated her with an ad in the newspaper the london evening news that said, may the fourth be with you, maggie.Fans of the franchise adopted may 4 as the day to celebrate all things star wars simply because may the 4th sounds a lot like may the force be with you. in 2011, the toronto underground cinema in canada put together an organized celebration with a costume contest and a film festival.On may the 4th, people like to share their acknowledgement that it is of course the much loved star wars day through using their favourite may the 4th be with you memes.
With this month marking four decades since the release of the original film, we relive the sprawling space opera's most memorable snippets of dialogue.May the 4th be with you!I left the states for the first time in december to go to.May the fourth be with you.May the 4th, also known as star wars day, was chosen as the series' unofficial holiday because the date sounds like, may the force. one of the original uses of the phrase can be traced back margaret thatcher's may 4th, 1979, victory in england's prime minister race.
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