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Bo (born october 9, 2008) is a pet dog of the obama family, the former first family of the united states.Bo is a male portuguese water dog.Bo, michelle obama wrote in a social media post, had been a constant, comforting presence since his arrival in the white house in 2009.The black and white portuguese.March 15, 2009 the obama family was introduced to a prospective family dog at a secret greet on a sunday.

After spending about an hour with him.We had no idea how much.Even if you don't like obama, you gotta love his dog!The first family shows off their newest member, six month old dog bo on the white house lawn.Bo joined the obama family in 2009.

He was named after their cousins' cat and michelle obama's father, in reference to the r&b musician bo diddle.Former president obama revealed that former first dog bo died on may 8, 2021.Bo sniffs a microphone during his introduction to the white house press corps on april 14.Последние твиты от bo obama (@goodboybo).I'm bo, the white house dog.

The obama family got bo shortly after they moved into the white house, fulfilling barack obama's campaign promise to get his daughters, sasha and malia, a dog in return for.President barack obama, first lady michelle obama and pete souza/shutterstock.Bo was joined by sunny obama, a female dog of the same breed, in 2013.Michelle obama / via instagram:As a family, we will miss bo dearly.

But we are thankful that he lived such a joyful life full of snuggles, games of fetch, and.Michelle obama similarly posted an emotional message as she recounted life with bo the obamas have bid a sad farewell to their family pet bo who passed away saturday.Obama photographer taunts trump with doggone funny suggestion for chief of staff.President obama plays football with the family dog bo on the south lawn of the white former president barack obama on saturday announced that former first dog bo had.News of bo's passing was shared by obama and his wife michelle on instagram, where bo helped obama keep a promise to daughters malia and sasha that they could get a.

Bo bikes bama is an annual charity bike ride led by sports legend bo jackson.We have had over 650 people register to participate in bo bikes bama from home and we are loving seeing everyone's.Bo was puppy obama promised daughters malia and sasha on election night 2008.Barack obama has announced the death of the family dog bo and paid tribute to him in a.Bo obama moved into the official residence at the white house on 14 april 2009.

Bo has been the focus of much media coverage, some of which the white house has encouraged.Michelle obama shared a heartbreaking tribute to family dog bo on saturday, sharing michelle and barack obama mourn the death of beloved dog bo:Bo obama is a portuguese water dog acquired by president barack obama for his daughters, sasha and malia.See more ideas about bo obama, obama, obama family.21, 2011 the president and bo, the obama family dog, ride in the presidential motorcade en route to petsmart in.

Bo joined the obama family in april 2009.He was a gift from the late sen.Bo helped obama keep a promise to daughters malia and sasha that they could get a dog after the.Every year, bo bikes bama raises money for the governor's emergency relief fund.A portuguese water dog, bo, was a family pet of the former first family of the united states, and was even occasionally referred to as the 'first dog'.

As obama states in his memoir, bo was part of a litter related to kennedy's own pair of obama describes his family's first time meeting bo, in an excerpt from the book.