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Bill gates was born in seattle, washington, on october 28, 1955.He is the son of william h.His father was a prominent lawyer, and his mother served on the board of directors for first interstate bancsystem and the united way of america.Join the gates notes community to get regular updates from bill on key topics like global health and climate change, to access exclusive content, comment on stories, participate in giveaways, and more.In addition, he and his wife established the bill & melinda gates foundation.
Learn more about his life and career.Entrepreneur bill gates founded the world's largest software business, microsoft, with paul allen, and subsequently became one of the richest men in the world.For over 20 years, the bill & melinda gates foundation has been committed to tackling the greatest inequities in our world.Learn more about our story.We can't achieve our goals on our own.
We work together with businesses, government, and nonprofits, and each partner plays a specific role in accelerating progress.Bill gates is one of our finest billionaires, right?Gates is seemingly doing everything we could want from a billionaire with his access to resources.He's an incredibly rich, smart man who appears to be tackling the world's biggest problems.The bill & melinda gates foundation (bmgf) is the largest charity in america.
Bill and melinda gates are big believers in sustainable farming.Bill gates has advocated for pandemic preparedness for years and famously gave a ted talk in 2015 that warned of the potentially staggering death toll a worldwide pandemic could create.Bill gates advierte que una próxima pandemia puede ser 10 veces peor.Bill gates warns that a next pandemic could be 10 times worse.Bill gates quiere 'tapar el sol' para ayudar a.
Bill gates may no longer be the world's richest man, but he can claim a new title:The latest tweets from @billgatesBill gates knows he is an imperfect spokesperson for climate change mitigation.[m]y carbon footprint is absurdly high, he writes in how to avoid a climate disaster.With his wife melinda, bill gates chairs the bill & melinda gates foundation, the world's largest private charitable foundation.
In may 2020, the gates foundation said it would spend $300 million.What would you do with 100 billion dollars?Find out by spending all of bill gates' money!The bill & melinda gates foundation is described as the world's biggest private charitable foundation, and is committed to improving public health and global development.Bill gates has an estimated net worth of $124 billion, which grew from $98 billion in 2020, according to forbes.
4 on the outlet's ranking of the world's billionaires.Gates and wife melinda, who head the bill and melinda gates foundation, reported in their annual letter released on wednesday that their philanthropic platform has given at least $1.75 billion to.Brk.b(43.71%) wm(9.84%) cat(9.18%) cni(8.35%) wmt(7.49%) guru portfolio report download latest stock picks current portfolio profile performance sector weightings related guru tradesWilliam henry gates iii) was born on oct.28, 1955, in seattle, washington, the son of william h.
Gates sr., an attorney, and mary maxwell, a businesswoman and bank executive who served on the university of washington board of regents from 1975 to 1993.The bill & melinda gates foundation was launched in 2000 by the american billionaire, philanthropist and founder of microsoft, bill gates.As of the end of the fourth quarter of 2020, the fund.Bill and melinda gates are number one of the forbes list of most philanthropic people, and they have no intention of slowing down their generosity.Bill gates highlights the three key solutions we'll need for the transition to clean electricity.
Wind and solar power generation is expanding around the globe at record rates.But the tech giant's wife, who helped create the world's largest charitable organization, is equally as impressive.Bill gates, the virus and the quest to vaccinate the world the billionaire is working with the w.h.o., drugmakers and nonprofits to defeat the coronavirus everywhere, including in the world's.The bill and melinda gates foundation says:Theories falsely linking bill gates to the coronavirus were mentioned 1.2 million times on television or social media between february and april, according to a study by the new york times and.
The two chair the bill & melinda gates foundation, now the world's largest private charitable foundation.Since its founding in 2000, gates has donated about $35.8 billion worth of microsoft stock.